About the Author

Martin Heidegger once commented that biography was of little concern to philosophy. His famous, albeit flippant, biography of Aristotle went as follows: “He was born, he thought, and he died.”

In 2008, I received a Bachelor of Arts with a Double Honours in Philosophy and Contemporary Studies at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Those studies focus heavily on the philosophy and history of science, as well as post-Kantian Continental philosophy. In 2010, completed a Graduate Degree in Theory, Culture and Politics at the Centre for the Study of Theory, Culture and Politics at Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. My graduate work was entitled: The Straying of Entities – On the Historical Ontology of Attention-Deficit. I currently live in Montreal with my girlfriend, who is also an academic. Here, I work as a researcher on numerous projects at Concordia University.

Philosophically and professionally,  my work mostly lies at the intersections of the history/philosophy of science, continental philosophy, and social and political theory. I’m primarily interested in Post-Bachelardian philosophy, the Heideggerian and Foucauldian traditions, and the notion of attention in both philosophy and in the history of science.

What you’ll find here are some essays, fragments from the manuscript I’m currently working on, and some posts on current affairs. You can also follow me on twitter.


Jesse Patrick Hiltz

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