Publication in GNOSIS

Great news. I’ve been published in Concordia’s Philosophy Graduate Journal, GNOSIS. The piece is a talk I gave at a conference by the Concordia Philosophy Department: Life, Death and Power. The paper is called “Transferences or Cessation: The Destabilization of the Life/Death Binary in Organ Transplantation.”

There were many great presentations. Unfortunately my favourite paper was not available in the journal: “Ethics, Organs, and Embodiment: Transplantation and an Ethics of Openness,” by Daniel Harris. His paper was very coincident with my own project. Daniel took the discourse of organ transplantation and introduced into a Derridian/Levinasean ethics.

Colin Cordner from Carlton also had some very interesting things to say about Kojeve. The paper here isn’t what he spoke of, so I look forwards to reading it: ” The Concept of Plato: An Exegesis of the Sixth Through Eighth Lectures of Kojève’s 1938-39 Series on the ‘Phenomenology of Spirit.'”


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